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Being a pioneer in any field is fraught with challenges and it has been no different for WGPL. The company has faced and overcome many obstacles in process standardization and capability enhancement in the field of energy supply in the Indian market. Having an experienced guiding partner to help develop technical expertise and operational competencies in the energy management business has helped WGPL meet the various challenges successfully. WGPL cherishes a dynamic strategic and technical collaboration with Torus Energy Company (TEC), which is one of the leading energy management solution providers in the United States of America. TEC specializes in renewable energy development, alternate energy creation and energy management.

TEC provides back-end operational and technical support to WGPL in terms of:-

Production Process Establishment

TEC comes with years of experience in energy creation, packaging and distribution functions. For WGPL, TEC will serve as a subject matter expert dedicated towards building localized operations and business processes in India.

Technical Calibration of LPG Production Operations

WGPL will be adopting internationally recognized alternate fuel development technologies, which are also recognized by the Bureau of Indian Standards. TEC will assist in precisely calibrating the production of LPG using alternative fuel production methods.

Standardizing Bottling Mechanisms

WGPL's customized cylinders, pipes and regulators are developed and assembled under stringent quality control and meet the prescribed international safety specifications. A team of experts from TEC oversees the total quality management practices.

Sourcing High-Quality Propane, Butane and LPG from the International Markets

TEC has been instrumental in developing energy management solutions for various vendors across the globe. They are, therefore, consequential in arranging high quality propane, butane and LPG from international suppliers' at the most competitive prices for WGPL.

WGPL's alliance started with the sole objective of developing the expertise in alternative energy development and management at WGPL with the back-end support of TEC. Fortunately, it has now evolved into a strategic partnership, with TEC becoming a stakeholder in WGPL. This is definitely a promising step forward for WGPL as it symbolizes the confidence that TEC has shown in WGPL's business potential.

Capitalizing on this partnership, WGPL will continue to access the international network of TEC to source high quality production materials. The company will also be utilizing their functional expertise and experience to streamline the operations of their Rajasthan based bottling plant and eventually set up their own LPG cylinder manufacturing unit.

The evolution of TEC into a stakeholder has strengthened WGPL's strategic position and WGPL is now prepared to become a leading name in the non-subsidized LPG fuel market.

Indian And International Oil Companies

We will be sourcing high quality gases from Indian Oil Companies with whom marketing agreements have already been made. Collaborations with leading oil companies from USA and other international oil companies are on the anvil.

purely non-subsidized LPG refills