Every industry requires cost effective and efficient energy solution for various processes. In most applications can be used as clean and cost effective fuel in furnaces, kilns, ovens, dryers, boilers, thermal fluid heaters and hot air generators.

LPG has numerous industrial uses, including providing the base ingredients for such varied products as plastic, fertilizer, anti-freeze, and fabrics.

LPG can be used to generate electricity needed in industrial complexes. The industrial applications of LPG include space heating, water heating powering industrial boilers and air-conditioning. Industry is a very heavy user of energy which includes electricity. Providing increased efficient energy using LPG can save a great deal of money thus helping the industry to grow better and be fitter for dealing with competition.

LPG has innumerable uses in industry, and new applications are being developed every day. LPG is a clean and efficient source of energy. It is also used for waste treatment and incineration, metals preheating (particularly for iron and steel), drying and de-humidification, glass melting, food processing, and fueling industrial boilers. LPG is also being used extensively in industry to heat and cool water in an efficient, economical, and environmentally sound way.