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Safety tips for LPG to be used safely as an efficient domestic fuel:-

1. Choose an LPG service provider who provides you with standardized and BIS approved LPG cylinders and professional after sales support.
2. Cylinders must always be placed in an upright position.
3. Keep the LPG cylinder valves closed when not in use.
4. LPG cylinders must be fitted with an ISI marked regulator and rubber tubes.
5. LPG appliances and equipment has to meets all Indian safety standards.
6. LPG supplied has to be odorized so that a leakage can be easily detected.
7. Replace damaged or worn out rubber tubes on time.
8. The rubber tube must never be near the gas burner.
9. Ask your gas provider to perform regular checks to avoid gas leakage.
10. While checking for gas leakage use a soap water solution. If bubbles appear from the valves or pipe joints it indicates a gas leakage.