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Safety is of utmost importance at and all efforts are made to ensure the safety of our customers and employees alike. All our Liquid Petroleum Gas cylinders, regulators and pipes will conform to the prescribed norms as laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

For the benefit of our customers we have set aside guidance issued by and is aimed at users of Industrial, Commercial & Domestic LPG. Follow our instructions and those from the appliance manufacturer.

If you smell gas or suspect a leak :
1. Stop all LPG operations immediately.
2. Switch off and disconnect the gas supply valve off from the cylinder.
3. If the smell of gas is indoors, open all doors and windows and ventilate at floor level and all low level areas.
4. Do not switch on or off any lights or electrical equipment, smoke or use naked flames.
5. Activate the Emergency Management Plan.
6. Ring the my gas emergency service Landline No: 1800 3000 0635

If a fire occurs :
1. Dial 101 immediately to call the Fire Brigade. Ensure you tell them an LPG tank is on the premises.
2. Leave the premises and go to a safe place.
3. If safe to do so, shut all valves on the tank, and the emergency control valve, outside your property.