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Liquefied Petroleum Gas has a wide Spectrum of practical application across industries. Some of the top uses for LPG are listed below.

As a Refrigerant: LPG produced by is a perfect mixture of Propane and Butane. That is why it is one of the best energy efficient hydro-carbon and is not only used for heating but as a refrigerant too.

As a Chemical Feedstock: LPG is a preferred chemical feedstock in many manufacturing and chemical industries such as plastic manufacturing and explosive production.

As a Drying agent: LPG is widely used in agricultural sector for drying purpose.

Multiple commercial uses: As an energy efficient and highly economical fuel, LPG is also used in various commercial setups such as:-

  • In bakery set-up: LPG is a high calorific value fuel and burns with a clean fuel. It can not only achieve a desired temperature very fast, but can sustain that temperature over a long time too. That is why commercial ovens in bakeries use LPG as fuel source. It ensures a consistent cooking temperature and a unique moist environment which is preferred by many pastry chefs for baking.
  • In hospital set up: As a clean and eco-friendly fuel, LPG is increasingly used in space heating and water heating arrangements in hospitals. It is also the preferred fuel to run incinerators for minimal contamination.
  • In hotels and restaurants: LPG is a very efficient fuel for water heating and boiler systems. It is used at large scales in various Hotels and resorts. Due to its extremely low energy consumption overheads, it is also widely used in controlled power consumption.
  • In manufacturing units: In addition to being used as a chemical feedstock, LPG has been conventionally used for achieving high temperature environment in metal production factories, glass manufacturing and chemical production factories. As a cost effective fuel, LPG achieves the desired temperature range with minimal lead time and consistently maintains the temperature required for efficient production too.

As a domestic fuel: Despite its widespread commercial application, LPG is popular among users as a safe and efficient domestic cooking fuel. As LPG is made by a combination of purest forms of Propane and Butane, it has minimal emissions and little to no noise during combustion. In addition to indoor cooking usage, LPG is also used for various domestic activities such as -

  • For space heating: LPG has instantaneous heating properties and can be installed to heat set ups as large as an aircraft hangar and as small as a single room. For air conditioning: Although a lesser known fuel for air conditioning set-ups, LPG is in-fact a cost effective and eco-friendly fuel for space cooling compared to other widely used alternatives.
  • For water heating: With little to no energy wastage and instantaneous water heating, LPG is undoubtedly the best fuel for heating water in domestic set-ups too.
  • For personal outdoor camping: LPG fueled water geysers and cooking units are ideal for usage during outdoor camping or even cooking in any outdoor setup.

As a vehicle fuel: LPG is also a cost effective and clean fuel for vehicle than petrol and diesel. Many automobile companies are now offering LPG outfits along with economic models of their four wheelers.

As industrial fuel: As a cost effective fuel, LPG has also found large scale usage in industrial setups where a great degree of climate control is required at an economic rate.

As a source of heat energy: LPG is used in industrial applications like automotive finishing, annealing, asphalt heating, assay furnaces, brick making kilns, baking, barbering, cannery cookers, ceramics, flame washing and cleaning, food processing, forging and bending, foundry mould drying, furnace heating, furnace atmosphere control, galvanizing, lead pots and melting or wiping, material drying, metal fabricating, metal finishing, paper and pulp processing, painting, packaging, printing, pipe bending, process liquid heating, pottery, shrink-wrapping, steel manufacture, steam cleaning, textiles, vacuum forming and vulcanizing.

As fuel for forklifts: LPG run forklifts perform reliably, consistently, without making any additional noise of fuel combustion and at a very economic rate.

In Food Processing Industry: The clean combustion, easy to manage flame, minimal lead time and consistent cooking temperature offered by LPG makes it the fuel of choice for food processing industry.

To produce electrical energy: LPG is used in many electrical energy production set-ups to move turbine, especially in areas where water is a scarce resource.