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1. It is mandatory that any gas fixed indoor appliances must be installed and maintained by a Gas Safe registered installer.
2. Gas appliances require regular servicing. Indoor appliances should be serviced annually. Read the appliance instructions for guidance. Never tamper with the equipment.
3. Ensure adequate ventilation for LPG related appliances.
4. It is important that you avoid using an LPG appliance or equipment which is damaged.
5. Any maintenance operations related to LPG storage must be carried out by an authorized service personnel only.
6. No hot work like welding, cutting, heating should be done inside an LPG installation area.

REMEMBER - LPG Is Potentially Highly Dangerous - If The Staff Has ANY Doubt About The Safety Of The Equipment Or Leakage Of Gas, They Should Follow The Emergency Procedure Immediately - Any Delay Could Lead To A Major Incident And Fatalities.