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With great warmth I welcome and introduce you to the brand name of Worthwhile Gases Private Limited and our website As the name suggests, this is your product and is being presented to you by your own people.

For the past few years, we have relentlessly endeavored to provide the best and uninterrupted supply of non-subsidized LPG. We assembled a team of experts from the petroleum sector and together we have been able to provide the best quality of LPG by bottling, storing, transporting and distributing it in refilled BIS approved cylinders to specific markets in India. We have targeted the domestic, commercial and industrial user.

Our registered office is at New Delhi; our Corporate Headquarters is at Mohali (Punjab) and our Bihar Operations office is at Patna

We are the fuel of choice for people who have opted out of taking the LPG subsidy due to our guarantee of “quality, quantity and easy availability”. Our aim was to provide a cleaner fuel for people living in the remote rural areas who till now were dependent on cow dung, coal or wood for their heating and cooking requirements – all causing major health hazards for the lady of the house,. Today we have given them an environmental friendly product available right at their doorstep.

In an extremely short span of time, my team has also been able to add great value to industrial ventures. Additionally, we are the supplier of choice for many business houses like hotels, healing facilities, schools etc. Most of them now rely on us for prompt good quality deliveries.

We at have introduced the 4 kg cylinder to ensure the safety of the consumer that is using it. It offers better economics for those with less usage or space and is the best option for people from the economically weaker sections of society as the investment on refill becomes affordable for a daily wage earner also.

Vote of Thanks

I must start by thanking you for spending your valuable time to read this message. Further today we would not have been able to achieve our dreams if it had not been for the unflinching support of the team and management at:-

1. Diya Gas Bottling Private Limited, Bhiwani.

2. Tourus Energy Company, United States of America.

3. All our Channel Partners at the District, Block and Panchayat levels.

The above have been excellent associates and are the only reason for our success. Do share your valuable feedback, so that we can improve and be fair to all our customers because of whom we are


Akshay Jain

Dated: 02nd April 2018