provides its customers commercial services. Commercial establishments such as hospitals, hotels, caterers, restaurants, cafes, resorts, canteens, schools and government buildings choose because of its products and services, professional installation capability and dedicated services. The uses of LPG include captive power generation, space heating, water heating and cooling. For an establishment that requires cooking facilities, LPG is a popular choice to fulfill these needs. LPG can also be used for small gas generators instead of diesel engines for small captive power plant of any size. LPG is a pure and clean source of energy which provides an even and controllable heat source. This makes it ideal for industrial uses. LPG is almost free from sulfur and can be used in sensitive chemical processes.

The products we offer are preferred because of the turnkey solution we offer in terms of gas cylinder installations. LPG is highly popular for commercial use due to its quality, cost efficiency, and environment friendliness when it comes to the selection of a tangible choice of fuel. This will include food processing units, kilns, furnaces, industrial ovens and machinery.

LPG is also a tremendously efficient and economical fuel for heating. Cooling and cooking represent two major growth areas for the use of LPG in commercial settings. LPG is used in the food service industry for bulk cooking in commercial establishments. There is a traditional use of LPG for gas driven generators for captive power. Heat that is released from LPG powered electricity generators can be harnessed to run water heaters or commercial boilers. Using this normally wasted energy can dramatically improve energy efficiency.