Worthwhile Gases Private Limited's corporate office is at Mohali (Punjab) and the company's aim is to broaden its horizons. WGPL was incorporated with the aim and objective to cater to the burgeoning opportunities in the LPG sector, by providing LPG to each and every household, industry and commercial user at the most competitive rates.

We have the expertise on efficient and safe distribution of LPG throughout the Indian market. In addition to this we are also building a strong distribution and storage network, to ensure an uninterrupted supply of high quality LPG. We endeavor to ensure client satisfaction and aim to build long standing client relationships which will stand the test of time.

Our team's outstanding performance has defined our success in the past as it will in the future. has managed to obtain a number of cutting edge technologies in LPG handling, storage, transportation and distribution.

Our franchisee network reach will ensure that we enjoy an unsurpassed position in the market. Our franchisees are highly entrepreneurial and value integrity and loyalty and that is the differentiator that will define our success. We at are abreast with the fast paced developments in the LPG industry and are prepared to capitalize on the opportunities that come our way as well as the ones that we have created.

took it upon itself to pitch and position itself as a "parallel marketer" and would be bottling and marketing its non-subsidized LPG in the 4kg, 12kg & 17kg cylinders category. Along with our clientele and franchisee's and the regulatory authorities is on the brink of writing a new chapter in the LPG sector in India.