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has its LPG Blending and Bottling Plant with state-of-the-art technology to carry out the bottling of the blended LPG in cylinders strictly adhering to the Bureau of Indian Standards safety and quality norms.

will use only pilfer-proof seals on all their LPG cylinders to ensure that only the right quantity of LPG reaches our clientele. In the absence of such pilfer–proof seals, unscrupulous elements pilfer gas and transfer it from one LPG cylinder to another which is hazardous to life and property and also the end client is cheated by not getting the full quantum of LPG for the price that they have paid.

is a reputed LPG company with a vision to become one of the largest LPG related business empire pan India.

The 2001 Census of India mentions that 17.5% of Indian households or 33.6 million Indian households use LPG as cooking fuel. Of this number; 76.64% of such households were from urban India making up 48% of urban Indian households as compared to a usage of 5.7% only in rural Indian households. LPG is heavily subsidized by the Government of India.

Our assurance towards quality is backed with the extensive capability and expertise of our team acquired over the years. We assure our customers a tranquil relationship free of the entire burden associated with this industry.